Our activities

What we do and how we communicate

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Here we share regular updates on events, developments within the process industry and at Industriepark Höchst, and share results of our cluster activities.

How we work

Within the cluster, various working groups are working on solutions for climate transformation:

  • Monthly future workshops serve the exchange on current concepts of transformation from theory and practice
  • Studies on the transformation path and on individual technologies are used to jointly generate relevant knowledge
  • Various working groups on focus topics (e.g., defossilization of energy supply; defossilization of the raw materials base) and on joint project development serve to promote cross-company collaboration
  • The working groups operate in an agile manner and are strongly determined by the interests of the companies
  • The organization of and participation in national and international expert conferences and involvement in international committees ensure that the cluster always has access to the latest knowledge.

Your contact persons

Prof. Dr. Hannes Utikal
Head of Center for Industry and Sustainability
+49 160 9737071


Dr.-Ing. Marcel Loewert
Business Development Manager
+49 152 03050678
[email protected]


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